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Looking for original music for your latest video, a backing track for a performance, theme music for your web-series, or just something unique to listen to? Dante offers songwriting, recording, and producing services perfect for advertising, YouTube videos, podcasts, livestreaming, and more, all tailored to fit your needs and tastes. They are also offer solo vocals to accompany a preexisting track.
Any music commissioned will be for all purposes licensed to and owned by the commissioner, and royalties will not be required. Credit is, however, required where credit is due.

Pricing is as follows:

- Solo vocals/lyrics: $25 per minute*; minimum $25
- Tracks without vocals: $50 per minute*; minimum $25
- Tracks with vocals: $60 per minute*; minimum $25

*priced in 30 second intervals

Music Writing and Production Services

  • Will be delivered within 7 days

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