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The Key to Creating an Awesome Profile

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

First impressions are EVERYTHING, so you should make sure your zimmi profile really stands out. The profile will be a client’s first impression of you.

With this in mind, make sure your profile includes the following:

  1. A profile image: Clients love to put a face with a name! Including a nice, headshot or lifestyle photo is a great place to start. Include an image that shows your face, without giving away any personal information (example, DON’T include your school yearbook photo if your school name is on it).

  2. A personal introduction: What makes you special? Introduce yourself to potential clients by including a little information about your background and qualifications. Are you on your school yearbook team in charge of taking photos? That’s great! Make sure include to include that in your bio.

  3. Portfolio samples: Clients want to know what they’ll be getting. Include examples in your portfolio. If you are offering a design service, it should be easy to include examples. If you are offering admin support, you may need to get creative with work samples- example, a copy of a recent typing test or completed Excel spreadsheet.

Remember when creating your profile, NO personal information should be included. Use only your first name, and no school names, social media links, or personal contact information. This is for safety reasons, and non-compliance could get you banned from the zimmi community.

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