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6 Tips for Creating Your First Service Listing

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Once you’ve come up with the perfect service idea, its time to sell it! But you can’t just throw a quick service idea out and hope someone buys it. You have to create something that people actually want to buy.

Follow these tips to create a great listing:

  1. Include a catchy, descriptive title: You want potential clients to know what they’ll be getting by reading your service title. So instead of titling it “Research” consider titling a service “One Hour of Research Assistance.”

  2. Include an eye-catching photo: If you are selling a design service, or a handmade product, you should easily be able to include beautiful, relevant photos of your work. If your offer is not design-based, consider using a free stock photo service to find a stock image to use. Pexels is a great site for free stock photos.

  3. Include a detailed service description: Detail exactly what a client would get if purchasing your service. This should include the exact price (per project), the delivery format, time frame, and any other details a client might need to know. This includes niche specific details too. If you are creating a video, what format will you deliver in? MP4? MOV?

  4. Include an invitation to contact you: Clients need to know that you are happy and willing to address any questions they may have, large or small. Be sure to include a note at the end of the service description to contact you via the zimmi messenger if they have any questions.

  5. Consider an introductory video: If you aren’t camera-shy, consider including an informative video to give clients an opportunity to get to know you and learn more about your service directly from you. Videos are always a great way to connect with potential clients.

  6. Promote your service: If you have a social media account, consider including your gig link in your social media profile and encouraging followers to hire you, if they have a need that aligns with your offering.

Just a reminder, everything on zimmi has to be approved by our admin team. Once you submit you service, it may be a few days before you see it in the marketplace.

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